Packet of kale and apple Soopa dental sticks
Packet of carrot and pumpkin Soopa dental sticks
Packet of cranberry and sweet potato Soopa dental sticks
Three flavours of Soopa dental sticks

Soopa Pets Dental Sticks

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Soopa Pets Dental Sticks are hypoallergenic grain free treats for the dog that loves to chew. Made using natural human grade ingredients, they can help clean teeth and improve doggie breath. These dental sticks are bursting with vitamins & minerals and health benefits.

Available in three yummy flavours:

Kale & Apple

Kale is known as the ‘Queen of Greens’ due to its anti-cancer and immune boosting properties. Kale is also a nutritional powerhouse for your dog loaded with antioxidants, iron, calcium and important vitamins. Kelp is one of the planets most nutrient-dense foods and is great for supporting your dog’s skin, coat, nails and teeth helping keep your dog healthy and happy.

Cranberry & Sweet Potato

Cranberry is packed with anti-oxidants, fibre and Vitamin C which research shows maybe beneficial for dental health, bad breath and immune support. Cranberry is excellent for dogs who are prone to urinary tract infections. Flaxseed is a sensational superfood for dogs and may protect against digestive problems helping to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Carrot & Pumpkin

Pumpkin seeds are known as ‘Power Seeds’ as they are excellent for skin, coat, soothing digestion and may even help protect your dog against intestinal parasites and worms. Coconut oil is a superfood rich in MCTs which studies have found help boost your dog’s brain power while turmeric has anti-cancer properties to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Simple, delicious, nutritious & best of all dogs love them!

Please note we are unable to ship dog treats to Australia due to customs restrictions

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