Lickimats: Five Easy Topping Ideas

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Lickimats have been flying off the shelves over the last few weeks and we have had lots of fantastic feedback (and photos!) from customers about how much their dogs are enjoying them.

We've tried lots of different foods on our Lickimats so I thought I would share some of Bobby and Nina's favourite toppings to give you some ideas for what you can use on a Lickimat. 

1: Peanut Butter and Apple

Bobby loves peanut butter and adding in a little apple improves the nutritional value of this snack.
Grate some apple into a bowl and stir in a spoon of peanut butter (we like to use Meridian peanut butter). Warming the peanut butter for a few seconds in the microwave makes it easier to mix.  Make sure that the peanut butter you use does not contain Xylitol as it is toxic to dogs and also avoid brands that contain added salt and sugar. 

 Lickimat and dog

2. Sweet Potato

Peel and roughly chop a sweet potato. Bake or steam until soft and then allow to cool and mash until smooth. 

3. Mashed Potato, Salmon and Spinach. 

Peel, boil and mash a potato and add in some tinned salmon and cooked spinach. I use frozen spinach for convenience! You could replace the tinned salmon with tuna or another oily fish. 


4. Banana and Natural Yogurt

Nina loves bananas and this is her favourite topping! It's also one of the easiest toppings to make, just mash some banana and mix with plain natural yogurt. 

5. Frozen Watermelon

Frozen Lickimats are perfect for hot summer days and freezing the mats makes the topping last longer! I mash watermelon in a bowl and then spread it over the surface of the Lickimat (you can add a little water if necessary) and then freeze for an hour. 
 Lickimat lick mat and dog

What are your dog's favourite Lickimat toppings? Please let me know in the comments so I can let Bobby and Nina try them!



Disclaimer: All dogs have individual nutritional needs and what may work for one dog might not be suitable for another. This list is for information only and it is up to you as an owner to decide which foods are best for your dog and the quantities to give them. I highly recommend the book "Chow: Simple ways to share the foods you love with the dogs you love" by Rick Woodford for detailed information about foods that are safe for dogs and recommended quantities for different sizes of dog. 

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