How To Create The Perfect Rope Lead For You And Your Dog

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Four hemp rope leads with carabiners


At The Dog Edit, we make all leads to order because we believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ dog lead. Dogs come in a range of shapes and sizes, and behave differently on the lead so we give you a choice of rope diameter, length and whipping colour to help you create your perfect lead. That’s over 100 possible combinations!

I’m frequently asked for advice on choosing the right length or diameter of lead so I thought I would create this blog post to help you make the right choice. All our leads are available to order here.


We make our leads with 10mm and 12mm organic hemp rope. Both the 10mm and 12mm hemp ropes are incredibly strong with break loads of 780kg and 1160kg respectively.

In general I advise that 10mm is suitable for small-medium dogs (up to 15kg) and 12mm for medium-large dogs (over 15kg) as the larger diameter handle is more comfortable to hold if larger dogs pull. It is also down to personal preference, I use a 12mm lead for Bobby who weighs 8.5kg because I prefer a chunkier lead.


The Dog Edit leads come in three standard sizes:

  • Short - 75cm
  • Medium - 112cm
  • Long - 150cm

When choosing the length of lead a good place to start is to think about the size of your dog. Small dogs such as Dachshunds who are lower to the ground will need a longer lead than a large dog such as a Labrador.

It’s also important to think about where and how you walk your dog. If most of your walks are in the city where you need to keep your dog close to you, then a shorter lead will mean you don’t have to wrap the lead round your hand. If you walk your dog in a park or in the countryside a long lead will give them more freedom to sniff!

If you have an old lead that you like the length of then you can measure it and I can match that length.


Finally, choose the whipping colour. Our leads come with a variety of whipping colours from natural hemp to vibrant shades so choose the colour you like best. You could also match the whipping colour to a favourite collar or coat.

I am always available to advise on choosing the correct lead, if you have any questions please email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Slip Leads

We make slip leads in 10mm hemp rope in a standard length of 150cm. These are great for dogs that only need to be on a lead for short periods of time. We do not recommend slip leads for dogs that pull as they can put pressure on the dog’s neck. If your dog pulls on the lead we recommend a well fitting harness (I personally recommend Perfect Fit harnesses) and our standard rope lead.

Custom Leads

We also do custom lead orders, we can make any length of lead that you like, source different whipping colours to match a collar or outfit and we can do combinations of whipping colours so you can have one colour at the handle splice and another at the end. We have even made leads to match wedding colours! Just send an email to with your ideas and we can take it from there!

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