My Top Three Dog Walking Accessories

Whether it's a quick walk round the block or a long stroll on the beach, dog walks are a big part of dog ownership. I like to be able to focus on enjoying the walk and the time spent with my dogs and especially for longer walks, make sure I have everything I need and for it all to be as easy as possible to carry. 

In addition to a good lead and harness (or collar), these are the accessories I would be never be without on a dog walk:

Dog Poo Carrier

I'm not exaggerating when I say I never go on a walk without my Turdlebag. If you've never heard of them they are a small bag that attaches to your dog's lead (or your backpack/handbag/belt loop) that you use for carrying bags of dog poo. My Turdlebag has been a gamechanger - no more carrying bags of poo in your hand until you find a bin! If like me, you have more than one dog you'll wonder how you managed without one, they easily carry multiple bags of poo.

The bag is discreet, has a built-in poo bag dispenser (with one roll of bags included) and has an additional small pocket that will fit a card or small bag or tin of treats. 


Beautiful Joe's Liver Treats and Tin

I always have treats on my dog walks as I like to do some training on every walk, they are the perfect time to reinforce the training we do at home. I find bags of treats can be fiddly to open and having had bags open and leave treat crumbs in my pockets I switched to keeping my treats in a tin. The tin is pocket sized, closes securely and when I'm not wearing anything with pockets I pop it in the small pocket of my Turdlebag.

We tend to use liver treats for training as even the tiniest morsel is high value for dogs and they produce a good rattle when the tin is shaken- both of my dogs will come running when I rattle the tin!


Dog Water Bottle

It's so important to make sure that your dog doesn't get dehydrated on walks, particularly on warm days. There are collapsible dog bowls available but I don't find them practical and it's almost impossible to get the water back in the bottle if your dog decides they aren't thirsty yet!

This water bottle is very cleverly designed- the lid acts as a bowl for your dog to drink out of! It never leaks, is made from stainless steel and once your dog has finished drinking it is easy to pour any remaining water back into the bottle. There is also a matching carrier so you can carry the bottle hands free and it will keep the water cool for hours. 


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